It's a tough subject. We are here to break the ice, the silence, the taboo, and the whatever about abortion. We are your unbiased approach to everything abortion.

Abortion is a medical procedure that happens all over the world.

  • 49% of abortion patients are in poverty
  • 60% of abortions are by women in their twenties
  • 59% of abortions are by women who already have children

* The statistics above are for the United States of America.

The point is - we don't care what your background is, where you're from, how much money you make - the point is that we care about you.

What is Abortion? Abortion & Mental Health

Abortion Information

Start from the beginning.

Learn what abortion is, the history, and more.

What is Abortion?

There are only two types.

Don't let others fool you into unsafe abortion methods.

Abortion Types

>500k abortions are performed yearly.

See more stats about abortion and why it's such a hot topic.

Abortion Incidence

Several factors affect cost.

Learn how much an abortion costs and the factors affecting it.

Cost of an Abortion

Find health from within.

Abortion has detrimental effects on your mental health.

Learn More

It's ok to regret your decision.

44% of women regret their decision to abort.

Regretting Abortion

Getting depressed is common.

Planned or not, depression is very common.

Abortion Depression

Learn to cope with your decision.

Learn coping mechanisms and find help with your decision.

Coping with Abortion


Research Your Options

You shouldn't rush and see a doctor right away. You should research your information from reputable sources. We are one! There is also organizations dedicated to this topic like Planned Parenthood.


Consult a Doctor

After you've gained some knowledge in abortion, types of, methods, and costs involved you should consult a doctor. A doctor isn't supposed to sway your opinion - they should be unbiased and only concerned with your health.


Talk to Someone

This is a very rough time and it's a very hard decision. It's best if you talk to someone about it - it doesn't matter who. There are resources all around you to take advantage of (Planned Parenthood, Therapy, Friends, etc.).

We are here to help you.

We work with doctors, clinics, organizations, and institutions all over the world to provide you with accurate information and connections with facilities that can help.