Coping with Abortion

Last Updated: 8/25/2020

Everyone deals with stress in different forms. Stress is a reaction to a situation where a person tends to feel threatened or anxious. There is positive and negative stress.

After a traumatic event, like an abortion, people will have lingering reactions to this event.

Putting yourself through a pregnancy termination will add a lot of stress, axiety, grief, and potentially regret on your mental health.

Common reactions to these events are:

  • disbelief, shock or numbness
  • feeling sad, frustrated or helpless
  • difficulty concentrating and making decisions
  • headaches, back pain and stomach problems
  • smoking or use of alcohol or drugs

Healthy Ways to Cope

Take care of yourself. You should be maintaining basic hygiene, eating, finding time for physical activity, and getting enough sleep at night. It is ok to have feelings and to share the feelings you have after an abortion.

Communicate with others. It may be hard to talk to others about what you went through but finding someone, even a counselor, who will sit there and listen to you is critical in trying to stay sane after an abortion.

Avoid drugs and alcohol. It may seem like an easy choice to grab alcohol or drugs to help you forget but they also create additional problems and can even increase the feelings you're having. If you're in a depressive state it can make your mental health even worse.

Take a break when you need it. Even if you haven't just gone through an abortion you should learn when to take breaks. Take a few minutes to gather yourself and calm yourself down.

Ask for help. Not everyone has an answer for everything and you're not supposed to know everything. It is ok to ask for help. If you feel like you can't handle your situation, you should speak to a friend, family member, or reach out to a counselor.

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